Sterling silver is gradually coming back in to fashion, as more and more shoppers will already  know. This affordable jewellery is making a comeback at the expense of the more traditional silver and gold jewellery.

Sterling silver jewellery has been around for a long time. The main problem is that sterling silver is not as robust as gold and is less likely to stay in good condition over a protracted period – unlike gold. Sterling silver jewellery is very much for the “now”.

With darker colours used by the modern fashion industry, the lighter and elegant sterling silver is a fantastic accompaniment. A role that it fills economically as one of the more affordable metals on the market.

It is well known that silver is the most common of all the precious metals, but sterling silver is perfect for use in the jewellery industry as it is strong enough to work with.

Sterling silver costs much less than gold and therefore whilst gold is perhaps more favoured by the older generation and from a value perspective, the current generation favour the sterling silver for its a lower price and for the attractive and stunning sterling jewellery styles that are available.

One issue with the sterling silver is cleaning. Sterling silver is durable and looks good, but it needs regular cleaning. This problem can be exacerbated by makeup. But this is a minor issue

Do not be deterred by the need to clean the sterling silver jewellery. Just like most other metals it is at its best when cleaned and maintained well, and sterling silver jewellery will keep shining as long as you take good care of it.

Sterling silver jewellery, can often just be referred to as Sterling or just “.925”.  Because it is relatively easy to work with, sterling silver can be processed and designed in many ways, giving rise to a wide range of sterling silver jewellery such as rings, earrings, bracelets.

Sterling silver jewellery is becoming the sensible choice to those of us who do not want to spend a lot of money on jewellery yet still want to be wear fashionable jewellery. Sterling silver is gaining a lot of popularity because of its features. So it looks like  sterling silver is here to stay.

Sterling Silver Jewellery Basics